photoHey.  I’m sure you’ve made it to this page because you want to know a little bit more about who we are and why we started this thing.  Have you ever had a great idea and thought “wow, I want that on a t-shirt/totebag/etc” but you either A. can’t find it or B. it’s absurdly overpriced.  That’s how wolf & bear started.  Basically, we’re a couple who just want to make cool shit that we and our friends would wear, and thought why not share it with everyone?  That’s pretty much the basis of why we started this adventure in the first place.

Currently, we are outsourcing our printing through  For us, buying screen printing equipment or using a local screen printer is out of our budget, and we don’t have the space to do it at home as it is.  The percentage threadless takes from each purchase is sustainable for us for now.  The lady of the operation currently makes all of our designs in Photoshop and is brainstorming some pretty cool collaborations with artist friends of ours.  Our big picture dream is to eventually have our own place to screen print at home.  Every time you buy from our shop, you help make that a little bit more of a reality.  Thank you and we hope you love what we create!