We’re trying to figure out some things like what to do with this creative space, but our primary focus right now is on the brand as a whole and less about the blog.  Alyssa’s still running her blog over at www.little-wolf.net and you can bet plenty about our shop, our life, and our future endeavors will be there and that’s where we’ll stay engaged with you guys as well as social media. Our social media is as follows:

Alyssa’s instagram: @littlewolf
Alyssa’s twitter: @little__wolf
Alyssa’s tumblr: @leetlewolf
Daniel’s instagram: @danomite89
W&B Instagram: @wolfandbearco
Facebook: @wolfnbearco
Twitter: @wolfnbearco

WE WANT TO STAY AS ENGAGED WITH YOU AS POSSIBLE so please give us a follow, send us a dm, drop a comment!  Follow Alyssa’s blog, as there’s just a lot she still wants to talk about before committing to moving away from that creative space she has to merge it into one creative space with wolf & bear.


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