The wait is over!  You can now shop our tees and accessories on our web store.  Thanks for all of the support on social media over the last two weeks while we geared up for this day.  We have tons of launches planned for the rest of the year as well as a couple of collabs with some of our favorite artists and even an Instagram foodie that we adore, so make sure you sign up for our mailing list or follow us on our social media for updates on when all of that is coming.  As of right now, everything on the site is considered our “core line” but changes may be made in the future.  We hope you guys love it!

Next order of business: Would you guys want us to keep a blog?  I already have a blog separately and have been in a constant back and forth about whether to merge it all over here since it’s about us and our lives, but I’m not totally sure if you guys are into that sort of thing.  I’d obviously love to share as much as we can with you, but again – let us know!

We love you all.

x wolf & bear


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